The absolute number one rule of SEO and the most important factor for being found is to discover the keyword phrases that your target web visitors segments would most likely Google to find a site like yours. Once this is established, the mechanics are rather easy – inject those keywords in the web page URL, heading, title, and link text.  Over the years, we have identified and categorized the SEO factors into what we label the 7 C’s of SEO that include;

  • Crawlability – If your site can’t be crawled, then it can’t be indexed. Robots no follow and Flash are roadblock.
  • Credibility – Search engines like to refer sites it considers credible, Inbound 3rd party links offer credibility.
  • Content – Content is king and you need content relevant to the query. Be sure you have relevant content.
  • Code – Google likes fast, valid, efficient code that is easy to digest. Run your site past code and speed checkers.
  • Conversion – Why rank on Google if people don’t click on your link? Update your meta description tags.
  • Community – Social media pages need to be optimized as well. Optimize Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Conversation – User generated content leverages their natural language, which is how people search.