If we were to approach the scope of work (SOW) from a pure custom solution, we would want to develop an evolutionary architecture that will grow, scale, and evolve over time as new requirements emerge and new data elements are introduced.  Therefore, it would be important to include a Technical Architect in the early stages of the process.  The code itself would likely include a balance between client-side and server-side scripting where the client side focuses on the user experience while the server side focuses on the application and database layers.

We would approach our work using a pure agile development framework and scrum methodology.  If changes are frequent and sprints are often interrupted, then we would switch over to a Kanban or Scrumban approach.

Using Agile Samurai as our guide, we would ensure that we have an iterative cycle that includes analysis, design, development, and testing.  We would consider unit testing, automated testing, regression testing, refactoring, test driven development, and continuous integration.

We would likely use a modern technology stack to build the online solution for collecting, sharing, querying, and maintaining the Partner Profile Inventory information. The chosen tech stack should provide the right mix of a rich library (advantage of COTS) and the flexibility to adapt and extend it for our needs (to build a custom solution designed just for you).