We have found that our method of agile coaching accelerates the agile transformation process allowing us to rapidly cultivate high performing agile teams. We use a combination of academic training materials, hands-on exercises, and consistent coaching to get teams up to speed with agile in a matter of days and weeks.  Our agile coaching applies as much to our clients as it does to our employees.  We are highly confident that we can work with skilled and motivated developers to make them agile and inspire them to embrace an agile culture.

As evidenced by Agileana’s blogs, SEO, and LinkedIn articles; we actively comment on and contribute to all things agile, including user centered design (UCD), DevOps, user testing, test driven development, coding, open source software, and configuration management.

Our articles attract significant attention and rank high on search engines. Prospective employees contact us and send us unsolicited resumes on a daily basis.  We are proactive in meetups, conferences, and professional networking events.