inQbation is an incubator and accelerator of dot com startups. Balystic is one of inQbation’s spin-offs. The narrative below explains how this happened.

Some athletes are sprinters and others are marathon runners. Some people can focus on the same thing for years while others need a bit more spice and variety in their lives. Some people are specialists and others are generalists.

When inQbation works for several months on a major project and then deploys that into production, its first instinct is to move onto the next project.  But, it is very difficult to intensely focus on our next project if we keep getting interrupted and distracted by the evolving needs of past projects.

So, it was natural for us to create a team dedicated to the ongoing maintenance, management, and operations of websites once developed and deployed.  We call this team Bravo Team.  After a while, we decided to spin it off into a company of itself, which became Balystic.

The primary core and purpose of Balystic, its charter and raison d’être is to provide website support, operations, maintenance, and marketing (O&M, OM&M) to organizations – mostly nonprofits and small- to medium-sized government agencies – that have long-term, on-going website support needs.

Some of Balystic‘s clients include: